Linen Crown by A+K in Mustard Yellow/Gold for Children


Linen crowns are perfect for children’s parties, for photoshoots, or every day imagination play. Open a world of possibilities with your little one!

A&K’s crown in gold is made from linen with a cotton tie, all safe materials for children.

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This reversible mustard yellow/gold linen crown is a perfect gift for that little one in your life. It’s great to celebrate birthdays and make memorable pictures. It’s also fantastic for everyday play. Add it to a kid’s dress up and imagination play, and watch their world unlock to magical worlds, mythical far off lands, and kingdoms for them to explore.

The linen crown is made from 100% linen, giving it a natural and fresh look. Your little one can wear it from either side since both are mustard yellow linen. The batting inside gives them a nice and full body feel. The ribbon, which closes the crown, is made from grey cotton twill.

One size fits all is appropriate for all ages, but it should only children 3+ should use it as a toy.

Machine wash cold and iron for an unwrinkled look.

All linen crowns are handmade and may vary slightly in color and size. Colors may be slightly different due to varying screens.


Also available in feather, old rose, steel grey, and mineral blue.


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